Childrens Door Knobs

If you are looking for children’s door knobs for bedroom doors and children’s bedroom furniture, you are in the right place! We have an extensive range of children’s door knobs for kids of all ages – from babies to children to teenagers, whatever the design and style of the room, you can find the perfect match here. When looking at bedroom doors, there are some fantastic options for operating door knobs that have been designed by some of the top brands in the industry. A simple chrome or brass door knob works brilliantly on children’s bedroom doors. There are some top quality options available at Love Handles from the likes of Carlisle Brass and M Marcus. These door knobs have superb ergonomics and are beautifully finished. If you have a teenager and want to go cool and trendy, then you might want to try some of the stunning contemporary door knobs from Karcher – incredibly dynamic with a quality finish, these door knobs are the epitome of cool! When it comes to children’s door knobs for bedroom furniture, we have a wonderful collection of cupboard knobs that cover all interior design styles. Whether the room has a traditional design or a modern look, you can peruse our children’s door knobs and easily find something that catches the eye. Available in a whole host of sizes and finishes, this selection of knobs covers all budgets and has been manufactured by some highly reputed brands, including Frelan Hardware, Carlisle Brass and Louis Fraser. And the best thing about these children’s door knobs is you can have them installed in no time at all using the fixing screw supplied. You can add a new lease of life to the furniture in your children’s bedroom with a few clicks of your mouse and a few turns of your screwdriver!
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