Swan Neck Handles

If you are looking for a classic cabinet handle with timeless appeal, then swan necked handles are well worth considering. These decorative, ornate handles are called Swan Neck due to the elegant curves on either side of the handle. They have a look of genuine class about them and have a warm, delicate feel. If you have a traditional styled interior with a stylish, classy design, then swan neck handles will fit right in. They are versatile handles that can be used for a range of applications in both domestic and commercial situations. They are most commonly fitted on drawers rather than cupboards due to the nature of their design. So you might install them on the drawers in your farmhouse or rustic kitchen. They look great on display cabinets and traditional home furnishings. They are a great match for bedroom dressers and bedside tables. If you have a classic writing desk in your home office or commercial office, then swan neck handles will add a very stylish touch to your drawers. The swan neck handles available at Love Handles are sold individually and are supplied with fixing screws for quick and easy installation. They are beautifully finished and simple to maintain too.
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