Here are at LoveHandles we are all for innovative ideas and groundbreaking products and we are always excited when a new product lands at the warehouse. In the case of the MagFlap, we are attracted to the fact that it is attractive. Literally…


The MagFlap is appealing in many ways – its contemporary appearance, robust design and proven efficiency - but it is the magnetic attraction that excites us most. This simple, yet highly efficient front door fitting is designed to save you money and keep you warm. Using only magnets!


This winter has been cold, wet and windy. You’ve no doubt had the heating cranked up, the fire on and the long johns out. You’ve probably had higher heating bills too. One reason for this is because warm air in your house can easily escape through the letterbox – yes the very thing that enables your heating bill to enter your house is the very thing that causes that heating bill to creep up in the colder winter months!


The MagFlap is letterbox with a difference – it provides draught exclusion using magnets, keeping the heat inside your house and keeping you warmer. And with a few more pennies in your pocket too. The powerful magnets used in the MagFlap force the letter flap against the frame, resulting in an air tight seal that prevents draughts entering your house and warm air escaping.


This energy saving piece of front door furniture is very easy to install, even DIY novices can get the MagFlap fitted and operational in no time at all. This is how easy it is to fit the MagFlap on your front door:


1.              Mark a centre line in pencil on the flap and letterbox hole

2.              Make sure the inside edge of the draught excluder is slightly below the opening in the door

3.              Make holes with a bradawl screwdriver

4.              Loosely screw bottom middle screw in

5.              Level up

6.              Fit remaining screws


Simple as that!


The Magflap is very easy to maintain and is available in white, satin silver and a soon to be released matt black finish. So to save money, stay warm and keep cosy, the MagFlap is a highly practical, easy-to-use, affordable solution – attractive in more ways than one.

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Victorian ironmongery remains as popular now as it was in the 19th Century, so if this is a period of time that interests you, read on for some Victorian Door Furniture Ideas.


The Victorian Ironmongers were perhaps the first to place real importance on design as well as functionality. They realised that door handles, door knobs and front door furniture didn’t have to be bland and boring and started creating attractive pieces of ironmongery with elegant, elaborate designs and superb ergonomics. These classic pieces of ironmongery are as popular as ever – people are drawn to the craftsmanship, history and stylish appearance.


The Victorian door furniture ideas that we would like to share with you could be used in a range of interior styles but are perhaps best suited to traditional and classically styled interiors. The prominent finish is brass, an elegant look that is the epitome of Victorian ironmongery.


When it comes to door handles, the Victorian look is typically a straight lever handle sitting on a rectangular backplate. The Carlisle Brass DL30 Victorian Ascot Door Handle is one of the most popular handles available. It can be used on doors throughout the home and is available in classic polished brass and the more modern finishes of polished chrome and satin chrome. For a Victorian handle with a more modern look, try the Carlisle Brass M63 Victorian M Series, which has a flatter lever and superb ergonomics.


If you are looking to replace your front door furniture, then this is where our Victorian door furniture ideas can really help. This style of ironmongery looks fantastic on front doors and will add a stylish touch to the entrance of your home or commercial property. We have some beautiful centre door knobs available here that ooze elegance and style – try the Carlisle Brass M49 Victorian Centre Door Knob or the Carlisle Brass M33 Victorian Octagonal Centre Door Knob. These prominent centre door knobs add a lovely decorative element to your front door. 


The Hoppe Victorian Letter Plate has the clean lines and beautiful finishing expected of Victorian Ironmongery and will sit beautifully beneath your centre door knob. And our final Victorian door furniture ideas to finish off your lovely new front door are the elegant M Marcus Urn Door Knocker, which has beautiful curves and an ornate design, and the M Marcus Oblong Bell Push.

Decorative Door Knobs

The humble door knob has evolved hugely over the years – no longer is it a round ball you attach to a door. It is so much more than that. If you have a simple door knob on your interior doors then the chances are you won’t be aware of the wonderfully decorative door knobs now on the market. So maybe it is time to take a peek and think about changing your tired looking door knobs to give your doors, as well as your interior, a new lease of life.


Designers from some of the world’s top ironmongery brands have developed some really stunning decorative door knobs. Some are based on traditional designs but have been tweaked for modern living. Some are highly contemporary and have been designed with the modern home firmly in mind. And some are so decorative and eye-catching that you’d be happy to put them on a side table or mantelpiece as a work of art!


Here we will give you a few examples of some of the decorative knobs available on the market. Carlisle Brass are one of the best known ironmongery producers around and have one foot in history with their beautiful, classically designed pieces, and one foot firmly in the future with their unique range of stylish, beautifully finished door furniture. One of the stand out decorative knobs in the Carlisle Brass portfolio is the DK36C Flower Knob. This striking door knob has a classy, elaborate design that will grace the doors of any plush, elegant interior.


Karcher design lead the way in modern decorative knobs and have added some stunning designs to their catalogue. Each knob has been designed with contemporary living firmly in mind – these decorative knobs will sit beautifully in modern apartments, new homes and modern commercial buildings. Stand out pieces include the Karcher Design ERK550 Knob Handle on Rose and the Karcher Design ERK770 Knob Handle on Rose.


And if you want to go that little bit further and add a bit of glitz and glamour to the doors in your home, there are some fine Swarovski crystal mortice knobs from Frelan Hardware available at LoveHandles. These spectacular knobs catch and reflect light beautifully and have warm, fresh ergonomics.


So, you can see that the humble door knob has evolved into a decorative knob that will add a lovely touch of elegance to the doors in your home.

Karcher Plain Design Range

Karcher Design have recently added a superb range of door handles to their Designs of Steel collection and we are delighted to have them available for you here at LoveHandles. And we are even more delighted to offer them with a 10% discount!


Karcher are pioneers in the art of door handle design and the flair and creativity they bring to the field is rarely matched by competitors. It is this flair and creativity - the willingness to try something different and break new ground - that sets them apart.


The new Designs of Steel door handles have a plain design. A surface is described as plain when all the points in that surface sit on one layer. So within the surface of your door the innovative plane design rose by Karcher sits flush, giving a smooth, clean appearance. This results in a streamlined, contemporary fitting and gives your doors an incredibly clean and minimalist look. This unique design feature is both eye-catching and easy to install, once again Karcher have ticked all the boxes!


There are four new handles in the Designs of Steel collection - Elba, Tasmania, Robus and Madeira. Elba has straight lever handle that bends in towards the door at the end for a sure, strong grip. Tasmania has a chunky, tubular handle that provides great ergonomics and an assured feel. Rhodos has smooth lines and a cool understated design, perfect for minimalist interiors. And the Madeira has a sense of style and class that blends in seamlessly to any contemporary space.


The flush rose handles are certified according to EN 1906 category of use 3 and can therefore be used for both domestic and commercial applications. They can be used on both flush and rebated doors with a thickness of at least 40mm. And best of all, installation is simple and straightforward – you can have these flush rose handles opening doors and turning many an admiring head in no time at all. 

View The Karcher Plain Design Range Now

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Period Door Furniture

Despite the fantastic designs and beautiful finishes of modern day door fittings, period door furniture still has a huge part to play in the market and remains as popular now as it was in centuries past. There is something about the charm and detail of the door furniture, the fact that the original pieces were made by hand and crafted with great care and attention. And the fact that they look great, feel great and add a decorative touch to your internal and external doors is another reason for their timeless appeal.


Us Brits love history and are very proud of our own history – another reason why period door furniture still has a very large part to play in the ironmongery industry. Traditional homes such as cottages, manor houses, farmhouses and rustic country homes are the most popular for period door furniture. But there is no reason why the modern home can’t feature such historical and beautiful door furniture too. For example, pewter door furniture with a classic design looks great in modern homes and adds a little authenticity in amongst the modern design elements. 


Industry leaders such as From the Anvil and Louis Fraser are well aware of this blend of modern and traditional elements and have created some stunning period door furniture that, while based on traditional styles, has modern elements thrown in too to improve the finishing and functionality.


Here at LoveHandles, we work closely with some of the country’s leading suppliers of period door furniture. From the Anvil are one of the most ‘traditional’ – they still hand make each of their pieces. And their collection is available in some of the most beautiful finishes you will ever see – beeswax, pewter, black and bronze. Their period door furniture makes a statement on any door and really comes to the fore on wooden ledged and braced doors.


For period door furniture with genuine class and finesse, the range from Louis Fraser is outstanding. Designed with stunning detail and finished with amazing quality, these pieces will attract attention in both domestic and commercial situations. Other quality brands that you might want to take a look at for period door furniture are Ludlow Foundries and Kirkpatrick, both experts in the production of hugely popular black antique door furniture.

If you are in need of some ideas for wardrobe door handles there are plenty of options available at LoveHandles. Wardrobe door handles come in a number of guises – almost any cupboard handle or cupboard knob can be used as a wardrobe handle and for a more streamlined appearance, flush fitting handles are ideal for wardrobes. 


Most standalone wardrobes come with handles already fitted but these might not be to your liking or they might not sit well with the design of your interior. Whether your wardrobe is modern or traditional in style there are a huge choice of handles available here at LoveHandles. A popular handle for modern wardrobes is the Steelworx Straight Pull Handle. This handle has a clean, simple design that will blend in seamlessly with the modern interior. It is available in a range of sizes and has fantastic ergonomics.


If you have a more traditional bedroom and need some inspirational ideas for wardrobe door handles, then there are some lovely options to consider, each one oozing style, character and substance. The Finesse Design Beaded Cabinet Pull Handle has a stunning pewter finish and a detailed, eye-catching design that sits beautifully on traditional wardrobe doors. Or perhaps you could try the Finesse Design Jarrow Bar Handle. This fabulous tubular wardrobe handle is a classy option indeed – a nice blend of modern design and rustic finishing. The leather handle feels great to the touch and is available in a choice of finishes and sizes.


For modern, fitted wardrobes, we can give you some great ideas for wardrobe door handles. Arguably the most popular type of handle for the modern wardrobe is a flush fitted handle. These are perfect for stylish, minimalist bedrooms. Frelan Hardware and Hoppe are leaders in the design of flush fitting wardrobe door handles that are perfect for sliding wardrobe doors.

Kitchen Cupboard Door Knobs

For many people, kitchen cupboard door knobs are probably insignificant – their look and feel are not so important in the grander nature of your kitchen’s design. Many people couldn’t be further from the truth! How you decorate the cupboards and doors in your kitchen is vitally important and will add a lovely finishing touch a recently renovated or newly built kitchen. As the saying goes  - the beauty is in the detail.


By adding kitchen cupboard door knobs that reflect the craftsmanship that has gone into the design of your kitchen, you will be doing a great service to the overall appearance of the busiest room in your home. This is why there are so many cupboard door knobs available on the market and why we at Love Handles have some of the very best on show here.


In today’s world of fast-paced production and creative design, some really wonderful kitchen cupboard door knobs have emerged onto the market, designed by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced brands in the business, such as Carlisle Brass, M Marcus, Frelan Hardware and Kirkpatrick. These knobs are beautifully finished, very hardwearing and have superb ergonomics. And you’ll be amazed at some of the designs and how the simple door knob has evolved.


Whatever the style of your home’s interior – rustic, traditional, modern, classic – there are kitchen cupboard door knobs to compliment your design here.  The knobs are made from all kinds of material – brass, chrome, wood, glass, crystal and come in a huge range of finishes to compliment the existing ironmongery in your home.


And fitting kitchen cupboard door knobs could not be simpler – for most all that is required is a screw and a screwdriver! 

Kitchen Unit Door Handles

If you have recently renovated your kitchen or you are looking to replace the handles on your existing cupboards, there are literally hundreds of kitchen unit door handles on the market to choose from. This endless choice of handles and knobs can leave you confused about what is the best option to go for, so hopefully we can provide you with a few pointers so that you make the best choice possible.


If you have had a new kitchen fitted, chances are that you are looking for stylish and contemporary kitchen unit door handles. There are some cracking options available at Love Handles that will add a beautiful finishing touch to your kitchen units. Modern kitchens are usually clean and minimalist in design, which means your kitchen unit door handles should follow suit. 


Fingertip Design are one of the leaders in kitchen unit door handle design and have built up a fantastic portfolio of handles over the years. Each piece in their range has been designed using state of the art computer software and manufactured using modern day production techniques. 


The Fingertip Design collection features d-handles, t-handles, bow handles and more, all beautifully finished and available in a range of sizes. Two stand out choices for modern kitchens are the Fingertip Design Angled End Bow Handle, which features a curved design that tapers inwards at each end. It can be fitted horizontally to drawers or vertically to cupboards and cabinets. Another popular choice is the Fingertip Design Mistral T-Bar Handle, which features a rectangular handle slotted into two sturdy feet at either end – a sleek, contemporary design that is perfect for modern kitchens.


There are plenty more handles to look at in the Fingertip Design Collection, so browse the entire range for some more ideas.


In terms of popular design styles for kitchen unit door handles, there are a couple current trends worth taking note of. Fitting handles virtually the entire length of drawers or cabinets is a popular interior design trend and looks great in the modern kitchen and means you can easily grab and open drawers and cabinets. Also, the more minimalist your kitchen’s design, the more you might be attracted to clean, unobtrusive designs. With it’s smooth, fresh appearance, the Fingertip Design Infinity Pull Handle works really well as a kitchen unit door handle.

Furniture Handles

Furniture Handles come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, finishes and designs these days - you are really spoilt for choice. It is often the case when you purchase a piece of furniture that it is supplied with standard quality handles with a basic design, handles that perhaps don’t compliment the furniture or blend in with the design of your interior. 


The beauty of furniture handles is the ease with which they can be changed. For example, if you have a chest of drawers that require new drawer handles you can get these changed very quickly. No need for latches or chisels or the air to turn blue! A few turns with your trusted Philips screwdriver will have your handles installed in no time at all.


Another great thing about furniture handles is that they can give your furniture, as well as your interior in general, a new lease of life for a very affordable price. If you wish to change the tired old cabinet handles and drawer handles on all your kitchen furniture to give it a little makeover, this is very easy to do! And if you haven’t changed your furniture handles for some time, you might be surprised at how the designs and finishes have developed over the years.


Brands such as Carlisle Brass, Fingertip Design, M Marcus and Steelworx have designed some really striking furniture handles that look stunning once fitted to cabinets, cupboards and drawers and other furnishings. With prices starting at just over £1, this will give you an idea of how affordable it is to give your kitchen a simple yet incredibly satisfying makeover!


And there are some really wonderful finishes to choose from, to suit both modern and traditional interiors. Chrome furniture handles are great for any contemporary setting as they require little maintenance and match other chrome fittings, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. For more traditional properties, pewter, beeswax or black antique furniture handles are perhaps more suitable. These finishes are loaded with character and warmth.


Whatever your choice, we hope you enjoy browsing all the furniture handles here at LoveHandles and, as always, please get in touch with any questions you might have!

Samuel Heath Ironmongery

Established in 1820, Samuel Heath are world-renowned British manufacturers famous for the quality and innovation of their product portfolio. Samuel Heath has been built on solid foundations of integrity and originality, from where it first started producing the finest pieces of solid brassware from its original premises in Birmingham.


Today, Samuel Heath have a reputation as one of the finest producers of bathroom fittings in the world. They produce bathroom accessories, taps, showers and architectural hardware of such astounding quality that they are arguably the leaders in their field. It is craftsmanship and detail that sets Samuel Heath apart – each product is carefully developed using the purest Northern European solid brass, which is then polished by hand to create a flawless finish that is then electroplated. 


Whilst their proud history is the heartbeat of Samuel Heath, it is their pioneering movements in bathroom and architectural hardware design that makes them stand out above their peers in the modern world. State of the art technology, coupled with the brightest design talent going – talent this is always developing new ideas and concepts, is the fuel that fires this world renowned brand.

In a fast-paced, modern world full of gadgets, mind-boggling technology and highly innovative manufacturing techniques, it is an absolute joy when you find some calm and charm amongst the chaos. Let us ask you – is a handmade piece of jewellery better than a machine made one? Is a handmade suit better than a factory produced one? Doesn’t handmade furniture look better than flat-packed furniture? When things are made with hands, things are better! A handmade object is crafted with care, attention to detail and great skill, giving it a totally unique character.


So that is why we are delighted to showcase a fabulous range of handmade ironmongery from renowned ironmongers, From the Anvil. Each piece in their collection has been handcrafted using traditional manufacturing techniques. Each piece has a slightly different look to another. And each piece stands out beautifully on doors, windows, cabinets and home furnishings.


What immediately catches the eye about any From the Anvil product is the finish. Rarely will you find traditional ironmongery that looks so genuine and beautiful. From the Anvil are known for their stunning beeswax and pewter patina finishes and can now add another feather to their finishing bow – the natural smooth finish. This winning new look is one of From the Anvil’s most sought after finishes in cabinet and kitchen ironmongery.


The From the Anvil pewter patina finish is exceptional – the depth that has been created in the pewter is incomparable and it has the added bonus of being suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Pewter patina is From the Anvil’s most highly rated finish and adds a warm feel and stunning appearance to any design or renovation project.


Towards to end of 2013, From the Anvil will be adding to their ever-growing range of handmade ironmongery, with door handles, window fasteners, hinges, curtain poles and more set for release very soon. Earlier in the year, they released their unique curtain pole range, which is finished in beeswax to give a look and softness that sets them apart from standard curtain poles. The poles have fast become one of From the Anvil’s top selling lines and are soon to be released in ever-popular pewter patina too.


So enjoy browsing this stunning collection of delightful, decorative ironmongery. From the Anvil are a forward thinking company, yet it is the timeless anvil that remains at the heart of everything they do.


Antique Brass Handles

Antique brass handles of all shapes, sizes and uses remain as popular now as they have always been. They are timeless pieces of architectural ironmongery that ooze style and sophistication, appealing to a range of tastes and interior styles.


Here at LoveHandles we have a fine collection of antique brass handles that can be used as door handles, cabinet handles, drawer handles and pull handles. They are supplied by some of the most well known handle makers in the business, such as M Marcus, Mandelli and Carlisle Brass and all have been made from quality brass and finished to exacting standards.


Antique brass handles are commonly seen in traditional buildings such as townhouses, Georgian homes and country pads. They are also popular in commercial premises such as exclusive hotels, classy restaurants and traditional public buildings. However, there are many antique brass handles available on the market with a more contemporary design, especially the door handles on rose from Hoppe and M Marcus. These are popular fittings for contemporary homes as they have a slightly softer brass finish than the classic bright brass look.


Antique brass handles are certainly here to stay and it is great that variations on this stunning finish make them relevant in modern architecture too!

Draw Pulls

Draw Pulls come in a range of styles and designs to suit all kinds of interior. Whether you are looking to replace the draw pulls on your kitchen, bathroom and furniture drawers or you are adding the finishing touches to a new kitchen design, you can find some top quality options here.


It is amazing what a difference attractive door pulls can make to the overall look and feel of kitchens and bathrooms. It would be a shame to fit budget door pulls to a beautifully designed, brand new kitchen or bathroom. These finishing touches may seem small in the grand scheme of things, but if you find the perfect door pull, they can really tie the room together.


Here at Lovehandles we are lucky enough to work closely with a number of reputed manufacturers of drawer and cabinet furniture. They have designed and developed some of the most eye catching draw pulls you could ever wish to see! Finesse design have some wonderfully ergonomic, deftly designed door pulls that feature classic designs such as the cup handle, as well as more contemporary styles, such as the wave draw pulls.


Fingertip Design offer draw pulls with a more contemporary edge, ideal for drawers in modern, stylish interiors. The straight lines and fantastic finishes of these drawer pulls really compliment the clean, minimalist look of the modern home or apartment.

If you run a busy commercial building or business, then door protection is essential in maintaining a clean, professional appearance that is representative of your company. Doors that are opened and closed constantly throughout the day would benefit from quality door protection products and we have some great options available here at LoveHandles.


Swing doors in public buildings perhaps have the biggest need for door protection. They put up with a lot! They are kicked, pushed, pulled and banged all day long, so to make them last and to keep them looking good, help is at hand.


Swing doors require two types of door protection to keep them in good working order – push plates and pull plates. Push plate are fitted at hand level and are designed to prevent wear and tear on areas of a door that are constantly being pushed. They also prevent the build up of dirt that will appear over time from hundreds of hands! Push plates are usually rectangular in shape and made from robust, hardwearing materials that are easy to wipe clean. 


Kickplates are fitted to the bottom of doors, especially those that are ‘kicked’ open on a regular basis, in restaurant kitchens and hospitals, for example. They are also used to protect doors from delivery trolleys and the grubby boots of courier drivers.


View our kickplates now

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It’s not long to go now until England take on Australia once again in the Ashes, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun here at LoveHandles and see if we could make up a cricket set using architectural hardware from the warehouse and play a bit of Ashes Corridor Cricket.


First of all, the wickets. This proved quite a challenge. Cricket wickets are 71cm high so what could we use? We eventually found the M Marcus SS-316 Large Entrance Pull Handles. One of the options is 72cm long, so this was as close as we were going to get. So six of these went into our architectural hardware cricket basket. 


Next we needed bails. These are 11cm long, so it looked like another pull handle or cabinet handle would suffice. The closest we could find was the Fingertip Design FTD444 Mini T-Bar Handle, which is 10cm long. So four of these went into our basket to make up the bails. 


A door knob is a pretty obvious choice for a cricket ball. We discounted crystal door knobs for obvious reasons. Glass ones too. In the end we went for the solid looking Louis Fraser Mortice Knob, which we thought would maintain its shape after countless cover drives and pull shots. Into the architectural hardware basket it went.


Now the bat. This was perhaps the hardest part of our cricket set to find. Someone suggested glass shelves. That someone was joking. Someone suggested a letter plate, which is fine if you’re using a marble as a ball. In the end we pipped for the Karcher Design Newspaper Roll, which resembles a cricket bat in shape. We used gaffer tape to attach a chunky pull handle to the top of the newspaper roll to complete the look and, hey ho, an architectural hardware cricket bat was born!


So our architectural hardware cricket set was almost complete. We had the bails, the wickets, the bat and the ball. Did we need a cricket box? Well, we thought, better be safe than sorry, so we used an industrial sized padlock for that (with no gaffer tape). And for a cricket helmet, the Asec Security Cash Box and a piece of gaffer tape worked wonders. We were also kind enough to install some hat and coat hooks so the spectators had somewhere to hang their panama hats and umbrellas. And we laid out loads of 4 and 6 Karcher Design House Numbers for the spectators to wave around as we swiftly accumulated our runs, dealing in boundaries only.


So we were ready. I suppose you’d like to know the result now wouldn’t you? Well, as one would expect from a game of cricket played in the UK, the weather had a major part to play. One of the girls in the office turned down a Eurolite Dimmer Switch and bad light stopped play. 

Lion Door Knocker

To show our support for the British Lions out in Australia, we thought we’d showcase our lion door knocker collection, which we hope will delight you as much as the Lions will delight us all on the pitch during their rugby tour!


The lion door knocker is as strong, sturdy and tough as any rugby player (except maybe Australian ones). These timeless knockers stand proudly on any door and, much like a Lions player, their presence is felt with their striking appearance and the magnificent noise they make.


If you are looking for a classic piece of front door furniture, one that will become the central point at the entrance to your home, the lion door knocker is the way to go. These front door knockers are highly decorative and detailed – they feature a lion holding the ring knocker in its mouth – and are very easy to install. 


Because the lion door knocker is such a historial, well-known piece of front door furniture, they are often finished in traditional styles such as brass or black antique. This makes them ideal for traditional, classic and rustic style properties. They also make great gifts – you might want to send some out to any Australian friends or relatives in a few weeks time!

The innovation and design seen in Home Security Products has improved massively in recent years, to the point where you can secure your home with great efficiency without affecting the design or feel of your interior.

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Leave those pesky burglars shaken and stirred. Miss Moneypenny always loved 007. If you love your money and pennies, then you will love 007 too. And if you love your cars and jewelry, TVs and iPads, then you really need 007. 

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Antique black door handles

Our black door handles section includes both modern pieces and the timeless black antique door handles that have adorned buildings for centuries and are full of character and charm. 

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Ed Kelsing Joins The Team

eCommerce consultant Ed Kelsing has joined forces with the LoveHandles team to help improve the customer shopping experience and expand the product range. Over the next few months keep your eyes peeled for a whole bunch of changes!

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Exterior Door Handles

When looking at exterior door handles, the most important aspect to consider is the finish. How will it cope in exposed areas? Will it require lots of maintenance? Is it liable to rust or degrade after a short while? Will it survive in salt air environments close to the sea? Exterior door handles are used for a variety of applications in both residential and commercial settings, so it is important to make sure you make the right choice.

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Interior Door Handles

Many people will live in the same house for decades and barely notice, let alone think about, changing their interior door handles. You might think that door handles are nothing to get excited about, that they simply aid in opening and closing doors. If you are one of these people, then let Love Handles open your eyes to door handles that sparkle, handles that are full of character and handles that can re-freshen and revitalize the look of any room!

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Many homes are often accused of lacking character, well it is the sum of the parts that create character. Here we will show you how your home too can add the character often found in Olde England to your modern home.

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Keeping safe and secure has always been a priority, no matter what time of year it is. But in the build up to Christmas people are generally more concious about security, thats why Thames Valley police have introduced a checklist to keep your property safe. 

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Crystal door knobs are having something of a revival at the minute.  Look in any interior design magazine and you will see the door knob of choice is made out of crystal or glass and it's not difficult to see why.  They become a feature of the room that they are in and if used on a selection of cabinets, they have a striking effect.

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It's that time of year again, some of you may have started spring cleaning already whilst others might be wondering about updating their homes.  A great place to start is the bathroom, the smallest of changes can make a huge difference in this room.

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Feeling uninspired by how your home is decorated?  Bored with how it looks but don't have the time, money or inclination to have a huge change?  Think about changing your door handles.  Changing your door handles doesn't have to cost the earth, but it can make a huge difference to your home.

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Whether you need to purchase door handles for your home or office, there are hundreds of different options to choose from, making your decision tricky.  The following points will help you to choose the right door handle for you.

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Check out our sale!

Thinking of doing some New Year DIY on your home, take a look at the Love Handles sale!  Many of our most popular products are reduced and there are some exclusive online deals.

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You might think that such a small thing as a door handle won't be noticed by your customers, but it is touches like this that can say a lot about your business and how you run it.  Just as a tidy office will make an impression on your customers, so will your interiors and door hardware.  

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It's getting to that time of year again....Christmas!  Soon the houses will be filled with festive decorations and lots of yummy food!  For many of us, we'll have family and friends visiting too, giving us a good reason to get all those little jobs around the house done that might have been niggling you for a while.  What about the light switch that needs chaning?  Or the new socket cover you need to buy?  We've got it covered.

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Replacing door cabinet handles or knobs is a quick way to change the look of an interior and it is also a necessity to be able to fix a loosened cabinet door handle.  However, lots of people get nervous when it comes to doing it themselves, there may be a worry that you might damage the cabinet door, or even install the door knob wonkily!  But, fixing cabinet door knobs is surprisingly easy.  

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There's nothing more annoying than your door jamming, not being able to close and open it easily is a pain, but it can be easily fixed.  Take a look at this step by step guide to get your door fixed in no time!

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Weather bars are perhaps one of the least exciting things that you can accesorise your door with, but for an exterior door, they are extremely important, keeping out draughts and water.  Most people think that it will take a fully fledged handy man to fit them, but they are extremely easy to fit on your own.  Also, with heating prices rising up and up, they are a very cheap way to keep your home warm, without turning the heating on!

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You probably know already, but if you don't-we don't just sell door handles!  We sell all kinds of door hardware including bell pushers, door knockers and letterboxes-anything to bring a bit of personality to your door.  In this article I'll show you how to fit your own letterbox, wihtout the need to pay lots of money for somebody else to do it!

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If you've noticed that your door handles feel a little wobbly and loose, chances are that you'll need to tighten it up.  This isn't a big job to do, but it's important that you fix it as soon as you notice the door handle is becoming loose.  

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It may seem an odd question to ask, but for us here at Love Handles, the answer opens up lots of different ways to accesorise your front door.  Whatever the style of your house or the look your aiming for, we can help.  You'll never think that bell covers and door knockers are boring again....

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Some of you may have noticed that we've had a bit of a change around with our website.  It's been a great few months for Love Handles and we wanted our new website to reflect the growth that we've had.

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The most common types of locks are deadlocks and sashlocks, for this article I will give you two step by step guide's to help you to measure your door for a mortice deadlock and a mortice sashlock.

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From our name, you could be mistaken that all we sell is just door handles, well, we do sell a lot of door handles and door knobs, but we also supply some other products, too.

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Replacing a door knob or just removing one is not a difficult job.  As long as you have the right tools and you follow these simple steps, it'll be done in no time!  Be sure to choose your new door knob before beginning to remove the old one, that way your home will be secure.

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Traditional door viewers work OK so long as firstly, your tall enough to see out of them-this can be problematic for children and for people with disabilities.  Secondly, traditional door viewers are sometimes not clear to see out of.  Digital door viewers offer solutions to both of these problems.

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Door handles and cabinet handles are necessity's but they don't have to be boring!  For those of you out there who are looking for door and cabinet hardware with a difference, you've come to the right place!

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Pewter is quickly becoming one of the most fashionable materials for door and cabinet hardware, here at Love Handles one of our most popular manufacturers is Finesse Design.  Finesse Design are based in Durham and have years of experience in producing beautiful door hardware in lead-free pewter.

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How to hang a door

You've chosen the important part-the door handles!  All you need now is a door to fix them to.  Hanging a door is easier than you might think, but for obvious reasons it's important to do it correctly!  Whichever style of door you choose, they all need to be hung in the same way.  This guide should help!

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Door handles have now become a key part of decorating the home, and rightly so!  For too long door handles and door knobs have been treated as an after thought; they were only seen as a functional object, whereas now there is a fantastic array of styles to choose from.  Door handles are important from both an aesthetics point of view and a security point of view, making it doubly important to choose the right door hardware.

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Choosing door hardware for your house can be enjoyable or boring, depending on your interests!  But whether you enjoy it or not it’s important to keep in mind the following points  to ensure that you choose the right door hardware for your needs.

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Fitting a door handle needn’t be a difficult task or one that you have to get a handyman in to do for you.  Just follow these simple steps and it will be fixed on in no time.  

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Door handles are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them, but if you think about how often you use them, they should be cleaned more than most things in your house!

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Choosing the best lock

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There are many types of locks available at Love Handles, to understand which lock is applicable to which handles, take a look at this video and we will help to explain the differences.

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Choosing the right finish

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At Love Handles we stock many different types of finishes for our products, it can be a bit overwhelming to the uninitiated. But fear not, this video shows you how these finishes look so there is no confusion.

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Choosing a door handle type

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Are you sure which door handle type you need? If not, you should watch this video which shows the different types of door handles, and illustrates which handles should be used in which situation.

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